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Guide to registering your company as MSME

Many benefits are given by Government to MSME. There are 6.3 crore MSME however only 1.3 crore are registered. Therefore, to enable smooth and quick MSME registration Step by step process to register as MSME in easy manner with the help of screen shot is given below. It also provides Checklist of details required to get registered quickly. 

You can read about all the benefits for a MSME here

Please keep the following information on-hand for quick completion of the process:

  1. Aadhar number of partner / director / owner / proprietor
  2. Bank details with the account number and IFSC code
  3. Key activity of the company
  4. PAN of the company
  5. Number of employees
  6. Date of commencement of the business
  7. Total Investment and Turnover

Follow the following to register your company

  1. Open the following link: https://udyogaadhaar.gov.in/UA/UAM_Registration.aspx
    IMPORTANT: Please use the above link as there are several similar named FAKE websites that also charge a fee, but there is NO FEE at all for registering directly from government website.

2. Enter your Aadhar number and name and then click on “Validate & Generate OTP” and then Validate the OTP

3. After the OTP is validated the following form will appear

4. You can use the guide on the left of registration screen to fill up the form.

Most of the fields are self explanatory, however while entering the value of investments (point number 17) has to be entered in lacs.
The Amount of investment will include the gross block of assets (without depreciation) of Plant Machinery & Equipment.

5. Once you complete the filling of the form, click on “Submit”
6. After submit button it will ask for OTP that will be sent on Mobile number linked with Aadhar.

After successful validation of OTP you will get the MSME certificate.
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